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One of the most beautiful countries in the world without a doubt: Madagascar! We are greeted by the mouth of the Betsiboka, which deploys beautiful red veins for tens of kilometresBetsibokaI had taken the same picture on my first mission without knowing where this flamboyance came from. Internet users had taught me that it was unfortunately caused by the very severe erosion caused by massive deforestation. Without the roots of trees to anchor the ground, with every rush of sediment drives into the river to the ocean… BetsibokaA dramatic phenomenon found throughout the planet: forest surfaces of the area of the Space Station disappear every three seconds! The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is doing a remarkable job of restoring this type of ecosystem, their experts have the arguments and proposals to reverse the trend.Betsiboka
Arriving on the coast of Madagascar, you’re greeted by the unbelievable tones of red…the Betsiboka river mouth, and its unbelievable (but true) veins of red flowing into the sea for dozens of kilometres… I took almost the exact same picture during Proxima and people have since explained to me that the red is an example of dramatic erosion – soil that is washing away from rainfall into the river and the Sea. The beautiful colours I see from space is actually a consequence of very concerning land loss. BetsibokaA focus of this year’s World Environment Day is on erosion and how the Generation Restoration can get active to limit the effects and preserve our environment.

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