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Madagascar News Forums Crazy World Claudine Razaimamonjy is imprisoned in Manjakandriana prison Reply To: Claudine Razaimamonjy is imprisoned in Manjakandriana prison


When the greed of the transporters in common and the credulity of the passengers cross, a long string of macabre victims results. The drama of Anjozorobe is still remembered with its 47 dead, now Ankazobe gives us an equally tragic accident in addition to the corpses mixed with scrap metal reduced to ashes. When the owners of the vehicles think that the mechanical lady’s failures are self-healing, as in humans, we trust the Zanahary to arrive safely, the “Arovy amin’ny diako aho tompo!” Posted on The dashboard can not do everything; When the parishioners with their ritual recitation before a long journey hopes that everything will go well with the miraculous multiplication of the seats, Saint Christophe (the protector of travel!) Will only notice the damage. Finally, when everyone agrees to take advantage of the billboards on the windshield (kind of dorkasy of …; study trip of the establishment …; EKAR of …) like cut-line or passe-droit … To whom blame ? Especially not to the police who look away from their passage. The road kills but who are the gravediggers if not, ourselves?

In the obituary section, two major clerks of the state have gone. First Mamy Rakotoarivelo who was buried on Monday at Talata Volonondry, with all the honors due to his rank, then Tsiandopy Jacky who was found dead murdered at his home. And as every time such events occur, l One begins to wonder whether these are crimes or political contracts. And there, everyone goes from his political analysis, from the readers of headlines of newspapers on the street to the attendees of salons crested.

In the world, and in France, the law on the moralization of politics follows its path. For example, there is no longer any question of having the relatives of a deputy or a high personality of the State work at the expense of the princess. Where does the world go if a parent, a cousin no longer serves to get settled?

Finally, not to dying beast know that Paul Kagamé passes presidential election won in advance in Rwanda while Madura makes swallow its constituent in Venezuela and both have their routes already all traced.