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Madagascar News Forums Crazy World Claudine Razaimamonjy is imprisoned in Manjakandriana prison Reply To: Claudine Razaimamonjy is imprisoned in Manjakandriana prison


The conflict between the Magistrates’ Union of Madagascar (SMM) and the Executive is far from over. The SMM does not give up. The most recent event, the unexpected visit of the President of the SMM Fanirisoa Ernaivo to the detention center in Manjakandriana to check the presence of the inmate, protected by the Executive, Claudine Razaimamonjy. The billionaire is still present welcomes the SMM. However, the union threatened that he might face an unlimited strike and without minimum service because the Executive seemed to turn a deaf ear. “The independence of the judiciary as well as the establishment of a real rule of law is the main objective of the SMM according to its leader and for the moment it is not the case. Judicial decisions are hardly enforced without the Executive and the Supreme Judiciary being heard. The Independent National Commission for Human Rights (CNIDH) appealed to the government over the case of Rado Rabarilala and the national airline Air Madagascar, without success. In any case, the MMS is not convinced of the Government’s determination to resolve the problems of the independence of justice and respect for the rule of law. The MMS noted that the more than a week’s work of the Special Tripartite Committee, comprising representatives of the MMS, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Justice, had not solved anything and that there was nothing to concrete. The SMM spokesperson gave the impression that the work of the Special Commission was being done only to save time. The Prime Minister, for his part, speaks of the commitments of the entities involved and no longer of claims or problems.

The Head of State in his weekly video “Fotoambita” on the Youtube channel has already responded to the SMM by stating that he himself has never given any order to put pressure on a case of justice. He also enumerated the texts that confer the title of the Supreme Judiciary and the Presidency of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary (CSM) but that he never abused or even sat. The SMM replied that it was not asked to know by heart the texts and laws on the issue but to ensure that its collaborators, notably the Executive, did not put pressure on the magistrates. The press conference in the middle of the night by the Minister of Justice in the case of Claudine Razaimamonjy is one of the concrete examples in this direction but despite all this it is still in place. Taxpayers who are justiciable know that if they are victims or defendants, they will pass (almost all) to the pan when they are dealing with the court.