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It seems that Air Madagascar is trying to disgust and discourage its own customers, like the Jirama for that matter. Although the national airline Air Madagascar was not always healthy, its state has become dramatic in recent times. Headache, fatigue and maximum stress guaranteed for company passengers in recent times due to delays and cancellations of repeated flights. Especially when you are abroad and you have to come back to the country as quickly as possible for a thousand reasons.

The delays and cancellations of flights last week are surely included in the long list of delays and cancellations to which the company has accustomed its passengers. Except that many of these passengers swear they will not take over this company, yet national. Example among many others of the galley of the passengers of the national company: takeoff expected at midnight on the night of 31 August to 1 September from Marseille to reach Antananarivo.

Information from the company of the delay of this flight at 6:30 am of September 1st. Except that some passengers had already set their own programs and already made arrangements to arrive at the airport for take-off at midnight. They waited all night so to leave at 6:30 in the morning. But during the night, the notice board announces the cancellation of the flight to Antananarivo. Among the dozens of flights announced today, that of Air Madagascar is the only one canceled! No other information and personnel of Air Madagascar in view to give information. Obviously, no one at the end of the line. The passengers, cold and sleeping on the ground, spend the night in the airport lobby and wonder what they should do in the morning.

Finally, an Air France agent arrives and spends hours on the phone to solve the problems of Air Madagascar passengers. For three hours, standing, the passengers clustered around the Air France agent to be sure to land a plane seat somewhere. Fortunately the passengers of Marseille are not very numerous, about thirty. However, conflicts started when the officer announced that there would always be priorities, families with children and those who were not very healthy first. The passengers were on the various flights from Air France to Paris first, then to La Réunion or Mauritius then before joining the Grande Ile, others were able to make Paris-Tana directly. Obviously, the expenses incurred by the delay are the responsibility of the passengers who have only one idea in mind, to return to their port.

However, despite the presence of competition on the Tana-Paris service, most of these passengers, notably the nationals, have booked on Air Madagascar, saying that they must support the national airline. But in the end, many have changed their minds and swear they will not be taken back.