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Before the various complaints and protests from religious missions other than Catholic, the French government request, March 11, 1897, its representative to the Vatican if the Holy See would agree to remove the Jesuits from Madagascar. That, as part of a “reorganization of the ecclesiastical organization of the Great Island.” On July 18, France’s ambassador meets with French Foreign Minister. He says the Holy See does not reject the idea of ​​sharing organization Madagascar three ecclesiastical districts. This, by the establishment of two new apostolic vicariates, south and north of the island.
The South vicariate is the only established and entrusted to the Vincentians (it is created January 16, 1896). Mgr Crouzet, former Vicar Apostolic of Abyssinia, became the holder with residence in Fort Dauphin. There is evidence that Rome would have no trouble getting back to study the plan to grant an ecclesiastical superior in the northern part of the island, for example in Mahajanga (it will be established in 1898).
According to the French diplomat, the Holy See would not object to the mission to be entrusted to the Fathers of the Holy Spirit, “until the day it will be possible to establish in Madagascar a completely secular clergy”. This organization seems necessary, the apostolic vicariates to precede and prepare for the establishment of dioceses. “These are perpetual institutions that first require the organs essential to their existence seminaries, parishes, clergy … This is the apostolic vicariates to provide in advance, with time and resources, all warranties prerequisites of life and prosperity of the diocese. “
If the colonial government is so concerned ecclesiastical organization is that it is a danger to be avoided. The early institution of the diocese is in fact detrimental to the financial interests of the colony, since the colonial or metropolitan budget “would face spending greatly increased and which no longer apply the subsidies far from the propagation of the Faith. ” This part of the application for the new ecclesiastical organization of Madagascar is therefore ensured. As for the return of the Jesuits to be replaced by another regular congregation authorized, doubt is allowed.
According to the French ambassador, several reasons to the contrary. “The process is a little generous character will be criticized us. And France would mean their taking possession by expulsion. “He adds:” It is true that the Jesuits are not recognized in France and Madagascar is now French territory. But this statement of principles does not make an effective assimilation and practice, it requires all sorts of temperaments and mitigation. “And he concludes this issue by stressing that” this Order may, without doubt, a useful service, “especially since their departure would” too good game to foreign propaganda. “
The French diplomat also stressed the work of the Jesuits in Madagascar which grow considerably. Their departure would cause a considerable movement of personnel to organize.
Finally, it is not guaranteed to easily find another congregation ready to collect a heavy inheritance and able to cope with the demands of a large staff. Already for the vicariate created in the South, “some difficulty we had in getting the necessary assistance.” Because after an initial refusal of the Vincentians, the French government faces the White Fathers “and very strong repugnance priests of the Holy Spirit.” All objected by the shortage of staff available and end up accepting the Vincentians in consideration of historical memories related to the passage of their founder, St. Vincent de Paul to Fort Dauphin.
In all cases, according to the French diplomat, Rome would oppose the departure of the Jesuits. “It seems to me better to maintain the status quo with regard Jesuit merely to be in the north, a third religious constituency that could be served by the Fathers of the Holy Spirit. They will find for long enough to suffice for their zeal.