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Despite Lamboeny’s willingness to receive Nicholas Mayeur, Corby and their escort, their interview on July 8, 1775 in the King’s residence at Antsohihy, is somewhat disturbed by an internal dispute. For a long time, the king is in dispute with one of his cousins.
“This man having killed a private person with a shot, Lambouine had ordered the punishment of the murderer who had suffered on the spot. The judgment had just been executed when we arrived. “
Although not concerned by the affair, the two Frenchmen are failing to become victims because the parents of the deceased claim that they are the cause of this tragic case for having “falsified the brandy” they sold . “And we concluded in the assembly that stood on this subject, to exterminate us all during the night like poisoners. Lambouine did all he could to bring his people to a more moderate party. “
But seeing that this only bothered the spirits and fearing a general uprising, the Mpanjaka plans to spend part of the night with foreigners. “We gave him ample to drink, so that he would not think of leaving us.” Not seeing him coming and knowing that the French were aware of their intention, the subjects of the king dared not undertake anything. According to Mayeur, these intrigues are due to the malevolence of the king of the Sakalava, who, on learning of his journey in the north, dispatched spies disguised as Arab merchants.
The next day, Lamboeny sent them to “drink the honey wine”. Mayeur and Corby took advantage of the opportunity to talk business, but the Mpanjaka deferred him to a later date, with some of his people being engaged in funerals.
On July 10, the conference begins with the oath of blood to mark friendship and fidelity, and ends with a kabary. Another meeting is scheduled the next day, the objective of which is to reconcile Lamboeny and his uncle Malay Mainty, who compete for authority. “We succeeded, not without difficulty. Malaye Mainthi acknowledged the rights of his nephew, and obtained by oath the assurance that they would now live in good understanding. “
The oath of the 10th of July permits us to approach the subject of affairs and the principal object of the French voyage, which is the exploration of the coasts of the North-West. Concerning the slave trade, Lamboeny insisted that “we would be the only ones to be given oxen at the usual prices.” Those who came later would pay them at the rate charged in the South.
Lamboeny then proposed to accompany them to make them known the West, but not in the immediate future. “He softened this momentary refusal dictated by the circumstance, by a present of twenty oxen made in common to the general,” says Baron Benyowski. Mayeur sent to Louisbourg, in the bay of Antongil, on the 17th of July, four emissaries to account for the result of his journey to that time. While waiting for their return, the French set up their camp where their flag is fluttering and have built huts.
Others, previously sent to Rondo for milking, returned successively on the 26th and 27th of July, and brought them news of whites whose ship had grounded. “Two vessels were confined to the opening of the bay; One of them, a Frenchman, fled and was chased to Sambava where he was taken. He escaped from these ships two men and a woman who came in a boat to run aground at Bemarivou. They saw the world on the shore and fled into the woods, leaving in the boat a blue canvas bale, a silver bag and an officer’s sword from the volunteers. The news of the sinking is confirmed by Manjakarivo who has just arrived at his cousin Lamboeny.
The two letters sent on July 17 to Louisbourg returned on August 23, announcing nothing new. But when everyone had retired, the two men came to see Mayeur to inform him that the king of the Sakalava had offered 200 oxen to the commander-in-chief Benyowski. “On this occasion a large assembly was held at Louisbourg, which became tumultuous and Had unexpected consequences. Mayeur orders them not to reveal anything about this affair.