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1895. Tranquility reigns in Antananarivo, but it takes time to decide the population to return to the city. On the arrival of the French occupation troops, she took refuge in the neighboring villages.
Given little by little in confidence, convinced that the French do not have the “black intentions” lent them by “malicious interested”, attracted also by “the lure of the gain and by the curiosity”, it reintegrates its dwellings. From then on, the streets of the capital resume their usual animation.
Yet, the Malagasy have difficulty understanding how “with as few people and such small canons”, the French have overcome the 20,000 fighters of the queen and their innumerable batteries. Many admit that they never believed that the occupants ever reach Antananarivo.
“They were persuaded that we would be crushed by numbers and this crushing would be complete. If we had dealt with the pirates of Tonkin, it would have been so, certainly. But with miaramilas hovas, all audacities were permitted, and in the opinion of the chiefs, some were pushed to the point of imprudence “(correspondent of the Times Antananarivo).
Since then, disarmament continues with the “wise slowness” of which the Malagasy are customary and so as to lead one to believe that one will never see the end. However, the rifles are coming from all sides. As to the cannon, “we have almost all of them in our possession; These guns were supplied with at least 1,000 rounds per piece, the cartridges were innumerable, and the small island which occupied the middle of Lake Anosy was packed with ammunition boxes. “
Disarmament has even singular effects, notes the correspondent of the Times.
“Too complete in some parts of the South, it has not allowed the governors to defend themselves against the attacks of fahavalos and tontakelis (thieves). General Duchesne must give orders for some of the rifles to be returned to certain governors, but wisely, after having effected a “serious reshuffle” among them.
Indeed, some disturbances occur in certain villages of the south of the Imerina and the betsileo country. Similarly, “bands of fahavalos” reappear on the road linking Mahajanga to Antananarivo.
“They have always existed in these parts, mainly at the approach of Fandroana. They are neither more nor less numerous than before, and we can not pretend to purge, in a fortnight, the whole island of this brood. It’s a matter of time and gendarmes. “
At the same time, the Police is the object of a summary reorganization. The direction of his two important services was entrusted to the provost of the expeditionary force, the commander of the gendarmerie Gaudelette. The Police, composed exclusively of Malagasy agents, works as it has never done.
“No more thieves, no more drunks; The Malagasy government obeyed without suspecting it; Order, tranquility everywhere. “
As for the administration of justice, it is the delicate point of the situation. The hova “tribunals” no longer exist. It must be replaced. Thus, a mixed court is formed, of which Radilifera, “son of the former prime minister known for a long time for his dedication to France”
And all that concerns “justice of the peace and correctional police”