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General Gabriel Ramanantsoa, ​​presenting his new government team on May 27, 1972, said: “I will give priority to operations that will create new jobs that are absolutely essential for the future of our most valuable capital, Beautiful and generous youth. “
The Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, Dr Justin Manambelo, said on 1 July in a radio interview that “among the teachers of technical assistance, Those with good records and diplomas. I will not keep the military from the contingent who teach in Madagascar if they are not graduates “.
In order to stop appealing to the French soldiers and to give posts to Malagasy youth, General Ramanantsoa signed two decrees issued by the Council of Ministers under the Act of 6 December 1968, which established the Defense Organization in Madagascar and created the National Service .
Article 10 of the Law states that “the obligation of all Malagasy citizens of male sex with the requisite physical capacities and aged between 20 and 50 years to participate in national defense constitutes the National Service “.
In addition, Article 14 states that “the obligations of activities and reservations may be carried out either in the Armed Forces which include the National Gendarmerie, the Army, the Sea and the Air, and the Civic Service ; Or outside the Armed Forces (SNHA) in public, parapublic or private bodies, contributing to the achievement of the objectives set out in article 1 “.
The two decrees, dated 29 January 1973, provide for the organization of this SNHA in order to satisfy requests from certain departments, and in particular from the Ministries of Education, Justice and Social Affairs.
The first text stipulates in particular that “personnel performing their duties of service of the National Service except the Armed Forces, are called as auxiliary soldiers of 2nd class, whatever their title or their qualification in civil”. The advancement of this staff takes place only to the choice. The first advancement may take place every three months from the date of actual service.
“Personnel fulfilling their obligations of activity of the SNHA receive, to the exclusion of all remuneration, a fixed monthly maintenance allowance. This allowance may be supplemented by family allowances for civil servants. “To clarify that the amount of the allowances is borne by the ministries, administrations or employers’ organizations.
General Ramarolahy, in a radio interview, gives some clarification to the two texts. Only young people aged 20 to 29, who hold a Certificate of Educational Qualification (CAE), are required to take over from the military contingent, the baccalauréat, the license or the engineering. Those who have never taught will receive accelerated pedagogical training.
“However, recruitment will be done in such a way that it does not interfere with the studies pursued by the students in the faculties. That is why a stay of incorporation is planned.
Further clarification: as far as possible, conscripts complete their NAHS in their region of origin.
Finally, a draft ordinance is adopted in the Council of Ministers on 1 February. It carries the institution of a National Women’s Service, not obligatory at the beginning. It is aimed at girls and young women volunteers, aged between 18 and 30, who hold one of the diplomas already mentioned and “also willing to participate in the national effort for the development of education