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When Ranavalona I reached the throne of Antananarivo, the fate of many personalities named by her husband, the late Radama I, was sealed. Besides the princes Ratefy and Ramananolona, ​​among others, as well as its Prime Minister Ralala, all “murdered”, its French adviser Robin is also banished.
According to the curator at Toamasina, Benoit Joachim Dayot, Robin left Antananarivo “with all possible shame and humiliation” on October 13, 1828. Previously, the judges questioned him about his administration in Toamasina, the use of funds Of the port customs … “After various squabbles and captious subtleties, the queen approved of Robin’s accounts. “
When he arrived in Moramanga, he wrote a letter to Ranavalomanjaka in which he “asks him a thousand
Let us pardon by exalting his grief. He asks her to allow him to stay in such a small square in Madagascar that she wants to designate, rather than banish it. “
The queen then decides to “assign her an exile and to my will.” Here then is the White who says to himself, sometimes Madecasse, now French, and sometimes English, to return from his error. ” She sends him a guard to carry her answer. “Where my guard, destined to watch over you,
Will be the place of your exile. But if it is on the shore that she has joined you, she has the right to make you demote. So now accept exile or banish yourself under pain of death. “
According to Benoit Dayot, “his sudden rise to fortune” dazzled Robin and eventually caused his
Disgrace and pain. The delegate of the French curatorship explained his banishment for four reasons.
The first is that he was unable to make a satisfactory assessment of Customs activities and the administration of Toamasina where he was co-governor.
The second is to have abused the powers and the confidence granted to him by Radama.
The third is that during the illness of the late king he allowed himself to rise to the rank of Grand Marshal of the Kingdom and of the Palace. He also granted himself the title of Governor-General … All this without the sovereign’s knowledge. Yet, when he writes to the Court, he retains his real title of XII honors. But several officers, wishing to mock him, call him a marshal,
“By adding to it a kind of crescent designating the horseshoe, whose emblem he could not guess until after his punishment.
The fourth reason for his forfeiture is that he always showed Napoleon in Antananarivo and uttered obscene insults against the Duchess of Angoulême, braving the royalists. “What is regarded by the Hova as a crime, for this tribe singularly honors their sovereign and family. It is to the point that if any one of them allowed himself the slightest insult to the royal family, he was immediately wise and the corpse thrown to the animals. “
It seems, according to Dayot, that it was this reason that determined his banishment. Indeed, “this veneration and profound respect, worthy of example, is still remarkable by the oaths which the natives make on their sovereign and on his family.” Oaths as sacred as those made to God.
Thus Robin never enjoyed the consideration of the Merina. Only Radama, who needed it as an interpreter and a professor of French, had for him “the kindness of a good friend.” And it was thanks to the respect which the sovereign had for him, if he was respected. But since the loss of his benefactor and protector, he finds himself alone.
According to Dayot, besides, the sovereign did not have sincere esteem for him. “Radama, in my presence and in that of other people, says that with money, we could do everything from Robin. Certain circumstances have too unfortunately confirmed and proved that great truth which came from the mouth of a sovereign who had slander and falsehood.
Robin arrives in Toamasina on 22 October. The very next day, “explains Dayot,” he said that I was the cause of all his disgrace, having written to the queen against him. ” According to the delegate of the French curatorship, to take revenge Robin would have launched a calumny against him. According to this accusation, it was Dayot who had seconded the relations of the English Government with Radama, to whom I had said that France was incapable of invading her possessions in Madagascar. A “terrible slander” that Dayot does not digest at all. He even made a complaint against Robin to the Queen.