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At the end of December 1898, the insurrection was dislocated and dispersed in the central part of the kingdoms of the Northwest. In the littoral region, it lacks cohesion and thus escapes before the batterings of the group of Captain Laverdure.
In the Sambirano, where he has been absent for a month, no act of hostility is reported. “There was a general malaise in the population. It is a state analogous to that which existed in Imerina, from the beginning of the restoration of order after the insurrection. The means that have been so successful there are ideal to be applied here “(Ambala-velona or the anticolonial insurgency in the north-west of Madagascar in 1898 by Cassam Aly Ndandahizara).
On 23 December the commander of the annexed Circle of the Great Earth finished organizing the province of Anala-lava into six sectors and submitted it to the general-in-chief, who made no changes. All he had to do was to unite these divisions into military sectors, which were immediately provided with a responsible leader.
“Patrols and reconnaissances had to travel the country, reassure and rally the people, protect the villages that were rebuilding, avoid depredations and ensure a constant connection with neighboring posts. “
Also on 23 December, a postal service was organized to ensure regular communications with all sector centers. And on the 30th of the same month, first-degree courts are organized in each sector, instructions given to disarm the population.
A few months later, Lamolle, a battalion commander, drew up a report on the situation in the annexed Circle of the Great Earth in March-July 1899.
“The military situation of the Cercle annex is satisfactory. The Dzaokely band, which had its headquarters at Amboromalandy in the Ambatoaranana area, was dispersed on 16 March by Lieutenant Penfentenyio de Kervereguin. It was the last refuge of the remnants of the rebellion, 550 oxen were kidnapped. They will be returned to their owners after investigation. “
In the area of ​​Ambatoaranana, 650 rifles and 200 sagaies are recovered in a short time thanks to the zeal of the lieutenant of Penfentenyo and the second lieutenant Sheer that the king Tsialana has seconded in this operation. This will continue until complete disarmament of the population. In the area of ​​Sambirano, Lieutenant Bailly-Masson receives rebels 30 rifles including a model 74, and 276 sagaies.
Captain Laverdure, commanding officer of the Circle, went on a tour in the north of his riding and found that “everything was quiet now.” He remained on 20 April in Ankifiny, where he brought back the lieutenant of Penfentenyo, who was to serve as Chancellor of the Circle.
On 24 May, he captured the rebel leaders Dzaokely, Mataopiso, Angalisy and Soatra. He thus remains to catch up the leader Karidza in flight. In July, the creation of two new posts – one in Ambakirano on the top of Mananjeba, between Ambatoaranana and Beramanja, the other in the south of Amboromalandy – will help to completely restore calm in this part of the Circle. Some “pillagers” are still hiding there, as is proved by some skirmishes around Beramanja.
The postal service and the judicial system are established in the Cercle annex and the administrative organization is being revised to be final. But if the order is re-established in the Circle, the surveillance of the territory remains delicate. “It has to dominate the occult power of the kings of the country, its population is independent, the country having never had military occupation. The natives possess a large quantity of weapons which they easily procured before the French conquest at Nosy Be and Diego-Suarez. “
Certainly the people of Queen Binao have handed over 450 rifles of various models and more than 500 sagaies to Captain Jourdan, but those of King Tsiaraso and especially King Tsialana must hold more. “The complete security of this country will therefore be truly guaranteed only when the commander of the annexed Circle has returned these weapons. It will not be easy because the Antankarana are keen to parade. “