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This is what a husband told his wife on the wedding night.
My wife, everyone went home.
The music has calmed down, the celebration is over.
Our wedding ceremony was beautiful…. M
It is now in the past.
It is now time to build our marriage. All that’s left now is the two of us…
What we’re about to become tomorrow starts from tonight.
Our life is no longer the same.
My darling one day you put on a beautiful red dress…
You were so beautiful. That day I just wanted to touch you…
We were in the movies and I was so tempted.
I just wanted to take you to the bathroom to kiss you. .. But I couldn’t.
Guess what? Now that I have you forever, I can do this every day.
Before you drop your veil, take you and make love… let me tell you a few things.
♡ I have nothing to hide from you this day.
My phone, you can use it like yours.
You can access my Facebook, my twitter and my instagram.
♡ from today, I became a child…. your child. .. for the last 5 years of my life, I’ve been a man.
I woke up alone in the morning…. sometimes i went to bed hungry…. I did things the way I wanted.
I was going home when I wanted to, but everything that ends today.
♡ from today you become my mother, who can scold me when I get home late… a mother who will have to wake me up at six to go to work….. a mother who will make sure I don’t sleep Not hungry.
I’m happy to have a mother in you.
I wish you were a good mother.
Don’t be too hard and I promise I won’t be too stubborn.
Sometimes I’m gonna give you headaches, but I promise I’ll be the cure for all your headaches.
♡ when my parents died, I took care of my brothers and sisters.
I’m like a father to them.
So I’m not gonna have a problem with you being a father.
You know everything. …
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