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Following his father, king of Ambohidratrimo, Rabehety like any new self-respecting sovereign, takes the name Andriatomponimerimanandimby, a name that will cause him many problems.
This, in fact, has the gift of irritating to the highest degree his bellicose neighbor Ambohimanga who sees an affront directed against his person. It must also be said that tradition asserts that Rabehety knowingly chooses this name to defy Ramboasalama, which takes the name of Andrianampoinimerina.
In his anger, he treats him as a braggart. “For this undeserved title, I will strike you of all your possessions. “
Yet this does not stop there, for the king of Ambohimanga remembers all the causes of conflict between them. Thus, he utters this acerbic phrase: “You conspire, Andrianamboatsimarofy (king of Antananarivo) and you against me, while I respect our pact” (concluded south of Ambatobe).
What Andrianampoinimerina can not already suffer. But what he refuses above all is the “treason” by the transgression of the agreement formerly passed between their two grandmothers, Ramorabe and Ramanandrianjaka.
“You want to challenge me and trample on me. I accuse you of having betrayed the words of Ramorabe, I hold you as worthy of the curse of Ramorabe. So you would have me sooner or later, and I will have you only for this betrayal! “
This ends evidently by the extension of the kingdom of Andrianampoinimerina by Ambohidratrimo. Moreover, by successive enlargements made during his reign, the Merina kingdom exceeds four to five times in extent the Imerina in the time of its great-grandfather, Andriamasinavalona.
Thus, once master of all the Imerina and powerfully helped by his vanquished yesterday- the valiant Antehiroka and the intrepid Manisotra, not forgetting the hard-to-cook Tantsaha- Andrianampoinimerina must undertake two major campaigns at the end of which he submits everything The Vakinankaratra which he entrusted to vassals and vadintany (royal commissioners). Their mission is to extend the Merina dominion over the whole country betsileo, that is to say towards the South.
During the last years of his life, he tried to win through the diplomatic channel the Sakalava of the West (Menabe) and the Northwest (Boina). This will only happen under his son and successor Radama Ier.
The latter, it is remembered, after his first campaigns, is received with honor by his father and the people at Andohalo. His elder brothers understand that he is the heir to the throne chosen by their father even if he does not say it openly. This is confirmed by Councilor Hagamainty who declares to them: “Andrianampoinimerina chose his successor. Henceforth, remain quiet where he has installed you. “
At these words, they react differently. Some are outraged, accusing their father of favoritism. Others, on the contrary, accept without resigning even going so far as to thank Hagamainty for his wise advice. To the first, he replies: “It is done since it shows it to the people. “
The king does not just show Laidama. He places it on his right and publicly blesses him, saying, “I have a good heir.” Then he dragged his son to the Rova, in the Tsarahafatra palace, where he gave him many counsels.
Hagamainty, on the other hand, assembled the wives of the sovereign to inform them that he had chosen the heir to the throne. Some of them, Ramanantenasoa, the mother of Ramavolahy, the eldest son to whom the legitimate return of the throne should have had to return, is “because he has not asked for our opinion”.
It is from there, it is said, that jealousy was born in the heart of Ramanantenasoa and his son Ramavolahy, and in their mind the attempt of assassination of Laidama, then of the monarch in his old days.