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Incredible, but it is so. A medium-sized dispute quickly degenerates into state affair that ends with a regicide.
In 1863, a project deemed the most absurd and especially conformist born in the mind of Radama II. This project comes when Rabetsarazaka “Ministra menamaso” (the menamaso also called the “cute king” are companions to whom he entrusted the administration of the kingdom’s affairs at the expense of the conservative party) forbids soldiers present arms in passing of Rainivonihatriniony (Raharo). Feeling insulted, the prime minister complained to the monarch who decides that the case will be solved in a duel.
He enacts a law on the “duel of right” that he wants to include in the Civil Code. A case that is grafted to the problems already posed by the Charter Lambert.
In early May, as usual, Radama II relaxes Miadamafana at Ambohimitsimbina, area near the Rova of Antananarivo. Raharo and supporters of the old Conservative party Hova, in the presence of Rabodozanakandriana princess, future Rasoherimanjaka, hatched a trap to bring down menamaso and, perhaps, the king’s person, but that his name be pronounced. The princess was to Rabodo
excuse in sick and the need to move away from the Palace (hiala sikidy) while the operation will be conducted.
Informed of his intention to be absent for three months, Radama denied permission, especially as “diseases are many.” Since March, indeed, a strange epidemic convulsion called “ramanenjana” erupts in the capital and reached its climax. Some historians assume that this is just a ploy mounted by the old party Hova to denigrate menamaso. Furthermore, it seems the king that the reasons given by his wife are not very convincing. But at the insistence of the princess, he bends and the trip is scheduled for Saturday, May 9
On the eve of his departure, with six Grands kingdom, Raharo seeking an audience with the king to “inquire into the affairs of the state” ( “Tantara ny Andriana”
R. P. Callet). “I do not govern alone responds Radama. If you have new ideas to improve my reign, to make happy the people, say it. “The Prime Minister asked him to remove the law on the duel and dissolve the circle of menamaso. But despite Radama refuses an hour entreaties Raharo and dismissed a warning: “Do not usurp the power of others, because the sky will make you suffer similar treatment. “
The prime minister is sticking to leave to the Supreme respect due to the sovereign and retires. It meets all night in his home, with his retinue to develop the tactics to adopt the following day. Around 6 pm, the plotters send soldiers throughout the city to carry menamaso hunting and killing nine. At 10 am saddened and angry, Radama retired to Ambohimitsimbina. Armed emissaries sent by the Raharo Rabodo princess trying to coax him to stop the massacre, but in vain.
Returning from his messengers and learning the reaction of King tearful, Raharo in its turn in a great rage “to tear at her clothes.” He returns his messengers to say that “the dead with the dead, but the living still serve the king.” Response of the latter: “I do not rule the bloody hands! “At 16 pm, he returned to the Palace.
On Sundays, others are extirpated menamaso the Rova. The afternoon Raharo first dispatch to the palace his minions that come with the blessing of the king, then
soldiers commanded by Ravelonanosy that stops all come to Andohalo, stunned to learn the reason for such a display of force.
Throughout the day Monday, May 11, the Prime Minister’s threats are constantly
sent to the king, “Get out criminals if we destroy the Palace of Manjakamiadana. “On May 12, at 14 hours, 200 soldiers arrive” to protect the king and seize the last criminals. ” The royal couple and his entourage moved into a small outbuilding. At 19 pm, six officers and soldiers come to take over. Radama knows they’ll kill him; indeed, they strangle.
The future Rasoherina moved to Tsarahafatra before it takes the body of the deceased king Ilafy where it will be “hidden” by night, in secret, without the honors due him his sword of his father, his gun, his military uniform and regalia are the only royal symbols that accompany it in its final journey.