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The second fortnight of October 1955 in Antananarivo, is placed under the sign of the culture. It is particularly marked by conferences (on new times, the Holy Grail, economic renaissance of France, political economy …), a mini car rally, the annual session of the Conseil supérieur du paysannat and various inaugurations.
• October 21st: A masterly lecture at the Franco-Malagasy Cercle of Tananarive, by Jean Marchal, Professor of Political Economy at the Faculty of Law in Paris, focusing on “Les Temps nouvelles”.
• 23 October: before a very large audience, the various events of the 3rd Grand Prix of endurance automobile of Ivato take place. The event is honored by the presence of High Commissioner André Soucadaux, Secretary General Bailly, Chief of the Province of Antananarivo Guesde and Administrator-Mayor Saget, all accompanied by their respective spouses.
• October 25: The succession of the French missions to the Kerguelen leaves Antananarivo for Toamasina where she embarks on the “Gallieni”. For the first time since 1843, an armed detachment will accompany the mission.
• The annual dinner of the Directors of Overseas France takes place at “La Taverne”, under the presidency of the High Commissioner and Mrs Soucadaux. Mr. Dériaud, Secretary General of the Syndicat des administrateurs, was the first to speak. In a brief speech, he referred in particular to the difficult task of the district chiefs, whose faith remained intact despite the increasing difficulties of their profession.
André Soucadaux shows, for his part, his pride in having belonged to this elite corps and to have the honor, at a higher level, of continuing the fine profession. He concludes by stating emphatically that if no director has ever thought of escaping from difficulties, it is because there is a good team spirit. It is thus that no one feels isolated and that everyone knows that he can count on all the others, his comrades and his former fellow-students, at whatever level they may be placed.
• 26 October: The CALAM conference season is brilliantly inaugurated at the Cercle Franco-Malgache by Gilbert Saron, Director of the General Information Service. Before a large audience, he spoke of the “Holy Grail through Richard Wagner” and commented on the
Musical auditions of the most famous passages of “Parsifal”.
• On the same day, Chief Administrator Clotaire Bée, appointed to succeed Edmond Huc as provincial chief, was welcomed in Fianarantsoa.
• October 29: The annual session of the council of the peasantry is held under the
Presidency of the High Commissioner in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Government, in the meeting room of the Provincial Assembly of Antananarivo.
The agenda includes, in particular, an account of the activities of the CRAMs since the
Last session and the financial report of the plant. In addition, the Council is informed of the draft order establishing community groups, which has just been approved by the Representative Assembly.
• 29 October-1 December: The Théâtre de l’Union française continues its series of brilliant performances in the southern provinces.
• October 30: André Soucadaux, accompanied by
General Gardet, Senior Commander of the Armed Forces of Madagascar and Dependencies, went to Toamasina for the inauguration of the new terminal building. This beautiful addition completes the modern control tower built on the same airport, which is equipped with an international class set. As a result of this inauguration, an airshow is offered by the Aeroclub assets of Toamasina. A very successful ball concludes this beautiful day devoted to the glory of the wings of the civil aeronautics of Madagascar.
• October 31-November 7: Conference at the Franco-Malagasy Cercle of Antananarivo, given by Luc Fauvel, Associate Professor of Political Economy, entitled “Are we going to an economic renaissance of France”? In two presentations, the following subjects: “The United States and Europe facing the economic problems of Africa and Asia”, then “What is political economy its importance and necessity” .