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-7 October 1966: Numerous civilian and military figures attend the installation of a camp
Of the Civic Service in Soavina-Ambatofinandrahana.
• During his tour in the prefecture of Maintirano, Choisin Totozamany, chief of the province of Mahajanga, arrives in Besalampy where he is welcomed by the local authorities.
• Samuel Ramilamanana, Secretary of State for Municipalities and Ground Work,
In the company of a member of his cabinet in Amparafaravola to inaugurate various achievements.
– 8 October: In the province of Antananarivo, the
The first day of celebration of the eighth anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, is marked by the
Distribution of food to the needy, the inauguration of an undergraduate teaching center in Fenoarivo and
A normal college in Arivonimamo, children’s games and folklore groups on Philibert Tsiranana Square.
• The association “Fivondronan’ny tanora tanindrana” organizes a series of tastings of dishes made with local products. These sessions are held at the Fitata Foyer in Ambohijanahary.
• In the presence of Calvin Tsiebo, vice-president and minister of social affairs, a solemn hearing presided by Paulin Baptiste, the first president, takes place at the courthouse in Anosy to mark the re-entry of the Supreme Court.
• General Martin, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force, traveling to Madagascar, is decorated with the insignia of Grand Officer of the Malagasy National Order by Calvin Tsiebo.
• André Resampa, Minister of the Interior, presented to the Syndicat des communes d’Antsirabe six tractors with disc plows, three sprayers, one trailer and one 403 van.
• Norbert Ranohavimanana, secretary of state, head of the province of Toamasina, returned to Antananarivo after a briefing in Britain.
• At the invitation of the French préfectoral corps of Besalampy, Cyril Rakotomalala, Prefect of Itasy, went to France to participate in a Colloquium on departmental and communal organization.
• During his tour in the prefecture of Besalampy, Choisin Totozamany, head of the province of Mahajanga, visited the town hall, the information hall, the school house, the hospital, and the maternity school 1966-1967.
– October 9: Protestant and Anglican cults and a solemn Mass take place in Antananarivo as part of the National Day.
• At the Golf Club of Antananarivo, matches are held as part of the Challenge Maurice Lejeune.
– October 10: Philibert Tsiranana, President of the Republic, accompanied by his wife, returned to Antananarivo in the early afternoon, coming from Paris where he spent three weeks to undergo medical treatment.
• A number of major achievements have been inaugurated solemnly: a surgical block at Antsirabe, an oil refinery in Toamasina.
• The young Rabaraona, better known as Surfs, arrived in Antananarivo after a three-year stay abroad.
• A brilliant reception is given to his hotel by Tcheng Tse Koei, Ambassador of the Republic of China, to celebrate the Double-Dix.
• Under the chairmanship of Deputy Arthur Besy, the Finance Committee of the National Assembly meets to discuss various economic and monetary problems.
• Jacques Rabemananjara, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Supply, returned to Antananarivo from Rome, Brussels and Paris.
– October 10: Visiting four store M stores, Minister Victor Miadana states:
“The raising of the purchasing power of the Malagasy citizen is the fundamental objective of our economic policy. “
• In the presence of ministers Joseph Ravoahangy-Andrianavalona, ​​René Rasidy and Norbert Ranohavimanana, betsabetsa tasting ceremony stabilized within the grounds of the former Toamasina International Fair.