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October 1, 1966: Georges Rakotomisa, Commissioner-General for Cooperation, traveled to Paris by regular letter from Air France to conduct a cooperative-oriented information tour.
• In the presence of Xavier Delmotte, Secretary of State for the Development of High Plateaux, Michel Noël, head of the province of Fianarantsoa, ​​inaugurates the Ambositra Craft Fair and the new airfield of the city.
• A delegation of parliamentarians from member countries of the European Economic Community (EEC) headed by Kate Strobel arrived in Antananarivo to study on-site the problems arising in 1969, the renewal of the Association Convention.
• The solemn hearing of the Court of Appeal of Antananarivo takes place at the Palais de Justice in Anosy, under the presidency of Henri Raharijaona, first president of the court.
– 3 October: Mr Alpen, acting United Nations Resident Representative in Antananarivo, in the afternoon pays a courtesy visit to Simeon Japhet, President of the Senate.
• In honor of the UNECE parliamentary delegation, a brilliant reception takes place in
The French Embassy.
• A refresher training course for visiting nurses from the province of Antananarivo begins at the Institute of Health Education and Social Medicine.
– October 4: “I hope that the government will send us the report of its achievements within the framework of the Five-Year Plan”, declared Alfred Nany presiding at the opening of the session 1966-1967 in Tsimbazaza.
• The delegation of parliamentarians from UNECE member countries leaves Antananarivo for Burundi and Rwanda. Prior to departure, a luncheon is offered in his honor at the Select Hotel by Dr. Albert Sylla, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
• Surrounded by his collaborators, Césaire Rabenoro, General Commissioner for Planning, receives an American mission led by Mr. Floyd, an agricultural expert.
• Ambassador Marcel Gey, High Representative of the French Republic in Madagascar, receives a group of students and fellows from the Aid and Cooperation Fund, on the eve of their departure for France.
• Conference on the “Scheduling of Tananarive Schedule” given to the Chamber of Commerce by Mr Ramaholimihaso, President of the Young Economic Chamber, Director of the National Child Benefits and Workers’ Compensation Fund.
• Dr Jeanne and Michel André, professors in Reunion Island, give a lecture on the “Fecundity, blossoming of the couple” at the Cercle Franco-Malagasy.
• Day of prayer for World Peace for the Catholics of the capital and the province.
– October 5: For the fourth consecutive time, Dr. Simeon Japhet is elected President of the Senate.
• Honoré Rakotomanana is installed as public prosecutor of the Republic of Antsiranana.
• On the market place of Miarinarivo-Itasy, André Resampa, Minister of the Interior, handed over to the Syndicat préfectoral des communes, five tractors and a dozen sprayers.
– 6 October: Calvin Tsiebo, Vice-President of the Government and Minister for Social Affairs, receives in audience Jacquier of the mobile inspection, Associate Professor Ramahandriarivelo, Werquin, Director General of the IRCT, and Professor Peres, .
• Anil Barday, director of the biscuit factory in Amboditsiry, told Agence Madagascar Presse: “We intend to invest FMG 30 million for the establishment of a pasta plant next to our biscuit factory. “
• Laurent Botokeky, Minister of Cultural Affairs, presides over the reopening ceremony of the National Institute for Educational Research and Training in Ampafiloha.
• Gilbert Ratsitohara, Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs, in charge of Youth and Sports, receives Mr Varloud, the new Director of the State General Inspectorate, in audience.
– October 7: Under the presidency of Étienne Razafimandimby, the Finance Committee of the National Assembly will consider a draft law reforming the National Investment Corporation.
• The municipal council of Antananarivo meets in the deliberations room of the Town Hall for the study of the primitive budget 1967.
• Dr Joseph Ravoahangy-Andrianavalona, ​​Minister of State delegated to the Presidency of the Republic, received Mr Varloud in audience.
• A team of four British volunteer teachers arrived by the regular Air France Boeing.
• Coming from Djibouti, General Martin, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force in Madagascar and Reunion, arrives in Arivonimamo with a special DC4.
• Minister Xavier Delmotte, in the presence of several personalities, is launching an exhibition of horticulture and market garden crops.