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After the sad event of Vorokotsy (see previous note), emissaries from Sakalava (Menabe) appear before Andriamandresy to bring him back to his country, at the request of his parents, it is said. Nobody knows them. “And as to the reasons
Legitimately motivating Andriamandresy’s return to his original environment, they remain dark “(Theodore Raharijaona,” Les Antaisaka, origins to our days “, 1967). So Andriamandresy does not hide the dangers that hang over him. Nevertheless, he agrees to leave with the emissaries. However, before leaving, he leaves strictly to his parents-in-law and his entourage strict recommendations.
“The coming of these people announces the very end of my days. But however sad an augury may be, it must in no way constitute an obstacle to my departure. Thus will the course of destiny be accomplished. I entrust you my wife. Make sure that nothing is missing. And when the day of her deliverance comes, surround her with all the care required by her condition. As for the child who is born, you will show him all the signs of affection you would have borne to me, for it is he who will ensure the continuity of my dynasty. “
Andriamandresy recalls the taboos that must be respected when raising a child, especially the one that does not serve him with meat, beef or other animal, bird included, slaughtered by a common man. “Be careful not to serve such a meat to my child and to his descendants, for the disregard of this precept will be fatal to them and to you.” An inevitable danger will ensue, indeed, which will spread its fatal consequences over the whole country. “
These words can only excite the whole audience, especially Ratsiavela who is hard to see. Ramarovahiny promises his son-in-law to strictly follow his recommendations. Those who came from the Menabe with him exclaimed: “We have taken from you the clutches of your parents who sought to remove you from the number of the living. We made the sacrifice to leave our country to protect and ensure your escape. We strongly advise against returning, because you would go to the front of your loss. If in spite of everything you hold absolutely, free to you. But then you will only be accompanied by your slaves, since we remain here. They swore to him, however:
“When your child makes his appearance under the sun, be reassured that it is of ourselves that he will hold the kingdom to burst in this country the glory of your ancestors. “
Andriamandresy also donates to his wife several wonderful things that he keeps hidden until then and which no one suspects exists: a pair of brightly fringed loincloths on both ends that Ratsiavela will have to use when his child will have a few months to wear it On his back, three lambalandy skilfully made, a dozen bracelets in solid silver (vangovango), half for men and the other for women. After handing them over to his wife, Andriamandresy ordered him to remain silent on these goods and not to wear them until after his birth.
Andriamandresy then went to join those who came to fetch him, bringing with him only Kotomity. However, upon arriving at Ilanana, he refused to continue further and was sagayed on the spot by the envoys of Sakalava. The name of Andriamandresiarivo is consecrated to him in commemoration of the victory he won over the village of Vorokotsy.
“Even today (1960s) when the descendants of Andriamandresiarivo come to pass by the place where their illustrious ancestor was killed, they do not fail to make an offering and to address prayers to the The spirit of the disappeared so that it is beneficial to them. “
Arrives on the day of deliverance of Ratsiavela who gives birth to a boy. None of the recommendations of Andriamandresiarivo is neglected. At the end of the obstetric period, the mother leaves dressed in her beautiful clothes and adorned with her brilliant jewels. Everybody admires him with an envy that is not without respect.
“Here at home, when you see a person with beautiful things about her, avoid enviously and above all to designate these beautiful things by the appropriate qualifiers. For if it happens to this person any misfortune, one will not fail to say that you are a holder of evil power and that you have disturbed the health to him by casting the bad luck to him. It is thus that the subjects of Ratsiavela’s father, marveling at the very beautiful loincloth of which she is girded to bear her child, say: “Mba ratsy etry re, izy ity! (Ah, that is worn with a frightful loincloth!) Habit takes root and the child ends up being called Ratsietry!
The care that the child is surrounded contributes greatly to his health and growth. And despite his youth, he is given a companion.