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The young prince Andriamandresy, who had left his country in the Menabe for a journey without return, proceeded with his suite to the south-east of the island. On his way he meets a young nobleman, Ndrahoditra, who, like him, because of his character, can not accede to the rightful throne. The latter joins him in his long journey. Soon Andriamandresy’s procession arrived in Vohibola, where Ramarovahiny, king of the Andramaros, resided in his village.
“At the sight of Andriamandresy, who was dressed in a scarlet silk and wore a silver plate on his forehead, around his waist a loincloth decorated with sparkling fringes on the two ends which descended to the calf, Ramarovahiny and his subjects were Shared between admiration and anxiety “(Theodore Raharijaona,” The Antaisaka, from the origins to the present day “, 1967). The king interrogated Andriamandresy, who did not hide any of the reasons which led him to go so far from his country.
Satisfied with the answers of his host, the king of Andramaro welcomes him with open arms and
His disposition a vast domain “in keeping with his rank.” He also designated several men to clear a large piece of forest, had rice cultivated there for the personal needs of Andriamandresy, while he affected other lands to the rest of the immigrants. In recognition of this great mark of friendship, he offers a lamba perforated silver (vangorano) to each worker and organizes a great feast at the end of work, cutting down many oxen.
In order to retain among them this generous visitor, whose slightest acts and gestures reflect his noble origin, the inhabitants agreed to look for a wife among the most beautiful girls in the village. They chose Princess Ratsiavela, the only daughter of Ramarovahiny, of the Zaratsaraomby clan.
“Andriamandresy had at once fallen in love with the girl, irreproachably beautiful and wonderfully gracious, besides her haughty port, her irresistibly seductive manners, and her divinely bewitching voice. For the success of the affair Ratsiavela gave her full and free consent. For his part, Ramarovahiny, without any difficulty, ratified the plan of marriage as it was conceived. Without delay the two promised were united. It was the end of Andriamandresy’s long journey that no longer dreamed of resuming his adventurous exodus. “
A few weeks after their union, Ratsiavela becomes pregnant and wants to eat “vatomandry” rice. However, it is not found there, the territory of Vorokotsy inhabited by the Sahafero being the only producer. Andriamandresy dispatches his warrior Ramarolahy to king Rakaby, master of this territory, to ask him, if need be
Buy, rice “vatomandry”. Rakaby clearly refuses to give, adding with sarcasm: “If you only count on my vatomandry, the woman will have only time to abort. “
What Ramarolahy and his companions repeat faithfully to Andriamandresy. Unable to digest such an affront, the latter confers with his father-in-law to decide what to do. Both decide to punish Rakaby, “all the more so because the latter, in addition to his displaced words, already constituted a continual subject of uneasiness by his too close neighborhood.” Immediately, the preparations are launched. Men cut bamboos to obtain a sharp end, others made mortars.
The attack is triggered at midnight on a moonless night. “The bamboos are planted in front of the door of each hut, while the mortars were laid at all the places where the inhabitants had to leave. Many warriors encircled King Rakaby’s residence to prevent him from escaping. All these arrangements being, at the command of Andriamandresy, three warriors in position in the middle of the village each firing a shot, signal of the assault. At the same time, other men set fire to the roof of houses that quickly ignite.
The inhabitants of Vorokotsy jostled to leave their homes, greeted by the sharp bamboos, falling seriously wounded. Those who escape from it throw themselves on the mortars which they do not see in the thick night and which also favor their brutal fall. No one can escape from it and all perish, since the assailants do not
district. “From Vorokotsy, there was nothing left but smoldering rubble, and his king Rakaby, before receiving the fatal blow of his spear, had time to weep what had been his pride and splendor. He bitterly regretted the vatomandry incident. Since then, the village of Vorokotsy has been given a new name, “Tranatranambolo” in memory of the process used by Andriamandresy to obtain the victory: to make bamboo everywhere.