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In his second fortnight report dated July 27, 1896, the resident general of France Hippolyte Laroche questioned the faith to be given to the list of presumed brains of
The insurrection of Menalamba, drawn up by the French military intelligence service led by Lieutenant Peltier. Hippolyte Laroche even speaks of “the most extraordinary information” retransmitted by the intermediary of General Voyron.
Such as that of April 8, which indicates to him that the governor of Manatonana in the Vakinankaratra, Rainijaonary prepares the insurrection in the South. On April 26, he was given a copy of a letter from the same Rainijaonary to the rebels who gave them orders as
“General-in-chief and organizer of the whole insurrection.” On the same day, the governor was denounced for having come clandestinely to Tanjombato near the capital “to distribute weapons to the rebels”.
On April 29, he was told of the gathering at the end of the moon of all the rebels who would enter Anjozorobe through a tunnel.
“All rebels in the north are armed with rifles loading by the breech. They also have seven cannons, one of which was offered to them by Europeans from Antananarivo. “Minister of the Interior Rainandriamampandry is also the subject of such precise accusations for a long time. Then it was the turn of Queen Ranavalona III to be called into question on 26 June. Speaking to a rebel leader who had come secretly to Antananarivo, she had confided to him a signed letter from her hand, urging the rebels to fight. The chief of the insurgents would have read it on the banks of the Mananara “in a loud voice” before his men.
Hippolyte Laroche commented on this information by indicating that it is “very likely that rebel leaders are reading orders or letters that they claim come from Rainijaonary or the queen. It is certain that during the popular movements (against merina royalty) on the east coast in January last, all the chiefs of bands gave themselves as acting under the orders of the Residence of France of which they exhibited of pretended letters.
According to the resident general, a correspondence “seized” on 25 June by the military secret agents is presented as evidence against the queen. She was allegedly sent by the former governor general of the Menabe, Razafindrazaka, who, fearing the reception of the French in Antananarivo, prefers to stay in the middle of the Sakalava. His fear comes from the fact that in 1895 he shot two Frenchmen “by virtue of formal orders from Rainilaiarivony, apparently justified by certain acts of those whose death is accused of.” Despite the promise made by the resident general, he refuses to rejoin his native country. And it is his successor who accuses him of fomenting the rebellion.
In his desperate letter to the Queen, he would have written in substance: “Do not do anything, do not spend a penny. Here, there is nothing to realize, I am ruined, annihilated. The sale to the Vazaha did not succeed, the money I advanced to the government when I was governor, is impossible to recover and probably forever lost … I am reduced to begging, I, former Governor General (…) Our situation no longer allows us to make any sacrifice whatever happens. I am forced to share the feelings of the whole Menabe, between Manja and Betsiriry, between Midongy and the sea. I will only serve the offspring of Andrianampoinimerina and we will break everything Which is an obstacle. “
And the alleged letter of Razafindrazaka would have concluded: “The spies tell me that the Imerina revolts, that even in the capital the friends of the Vazaha are not in very large numbers. If this is so, we will overcome them, and if His Majesty will not, we will march in spite of ourselves … because we do not want to leave Madagascar under the yoke of the foreigner. “
Moreover, concerning the names mentioned in the list drawn up by the Military Intelligence Service, Hippolyte Laroche accused the latter of addressing himself to Sir Abraham Kingdom, “an English subject, intriguing and well known, whose futile imagination can not fail New complications to add to those that seek to blur our justice. “
The service thus communicates information “that does not vary very much”. Namely that on June 29, a prisoner confesses that the populations were raised by Ramahatra, governor-general of Antananarivo; Rasanjy, Secretary-General of the Government; Razafimanantsoa and Ratsimamanga, uncles of the queen; Rainandriamampandry, Minister of the Interior; Rakotomena, nephew of the queen. And that it is the Prime Minister Rainitsimbazafy, placed by the general residence, that distributes rifles.