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Fright in Tsaralalana, yesterday at 6 pm. The residents of this downtown location were alerted by a shot. The Malaysian Consul in Madagascar and no less the owner of ZZ center was shot down while passing through this place. The victim was in the back of his car. The assassin disembarked from nowhere aboard a motorcycle and would have taken a position near the vehicle to shoot.
At the time of writing, the information surrounding the assassination is dribbling. However, according to a hospital source, the man was hit on the back and succumbed to his injuries even before the vehicle carrying him was able to cross the portal of the hospital Hjra where he was to be treated urgently.
Crime or account settlement? The mystery remains as to the motive of this crime. Only the police investigation will allow us to know more. Let us recall in passing that the name of this national karana has already been cited in a kidnapping case that dates back to the year 2010. He was one of the defendants imprisoned at that time but has subsequently regained freedom.