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The council of ministers planned yesterday has been postponed until today. A reshuffle would be in sight.
Members of the government did not hold their traditional Wednesday meeting at the Iavoloha State Palace. The weekly council of ministers scheduled yesterday was canceled. According to a generally well-introduced source, the meeting was postponed to this day by the President of the Republic.
Note that the Governing Council took place on Tuesday, the normal day, at the Palace of Mahazoarivo. That of the ministers was postponed for 24 hours to allow the Head of State to meet personal obligations. Indeed, sources report that Hery Rajaonarimampianina attended the funeral of the father of one of his advisers.
Beyond the eternal “communications” and “appointments to high state jobs”, the meeting of the Head of State with his ministers of today will be very scrutinized by public opinion. This council of ministers intervenes after a big wave of insecurity in the Big island. Strong decisions on the fight against this scourge are expected from the President of the Republic. Especially after the gesticulations of the latter, at the end of last week.
On a trip to Tampoketsa-Ankazobe to attend the ceremony of the end of the military maneuver called “Tintotry,” the Supreme Leader of the armed forces had donned the military truss. An initiative that earned him criticism of the public due to the context marked by a surge of violence linked to the insecurity in the country.
The appointment of the 22 full members and the 22 alternate members of the Malagasy Fampihavanana Council is also expected at the end of this Council of Ministers. The National Selection Committee completed its mission at the end of last week by handing a list of eligible candidates to the President of the Republic.
A reshuffle in sight?
If the Council of Ministers of this day is particularly scrutinized, it will also and especially because of the persistent information about the imminence of a reshuffle. Nearly 15 months after the installation of the current team, led by Mahafaly Solonandrasana Olivier, a change in government would indeed be more topical than ever. A government whose action has already been enamelled by slight rearrangements.
In licensed circles, it is argued that this time should not be a “grooming” or a “mini-shuffle” but rather a more significant change. Five ministries are expected to be primarily concerned with this reorganization, according to the information that comes back. The sources, however, insist that the departure of the Head of Government is not yet on the agenda.
On the other hand, some major ministries could change their minds, like the Ministry of the Interior, which is also occupied by the Prime Minister. As reported in one of our previous editions, the Department of Mines, the Department of Foreign Affairs, may be affected by this reshuffle.
Behind the scenes, there is also talk about the fact that President Rajaonarimampianina wants to build a team more solicited to position the other cadres in the preparation now of the 2018 deadlines already in sight. The Minister of Communication and Relations with the Institutions, and spokesman of the government, has for the moment denied the information relating to the existence of a reshuffle. The final decision to make this change belongs to the Head of State who is known for his dithering when changing or deciding …