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Food and nutrition insecurity, a recurrent consequence of climate change. Agriculture is the basis of food. Therefore, if it encounters difficulties in production, the diet will also have them. And currently, climate change impacts much on farmers’ crops, especially with temperature variations and lack of rainfall.
Researchers have thus tried to find better alternatives in order to adapt agriculture to the current climatic realities and to remedy food insecurity. This agricultural transition will allow a better fight against malnutrition and undernutrition.
Launched in 2010, this new concept takes shape little by little. Since then, forums and conferences have been organized in order to best meet the needs of each country’s agriculture. “Climato-intelligent agriculture” aims to sustainably increase farmers’ productivity and incomes, increase the resilience and adaptability of agricultural and food systems to climate change, and Mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. To do this, it is based on 3 pillars: food security, adaptation and mitigation. Pillars that can only function according to the initiatives taken by the sector and the farmers themselves.
Madagascar is also
1.2 million people are affected by food insecurity in the South. Faced with these figures, the entities concerned want to find more thoughtful initiatives to better tackle food insecurity, especially with climate change. Since yesterday, peasants, researchers and rural development leaders gathered in Ampandrianomby to discuss the application of “climate-smart agriculture” in the country. To do so, exhibitions were presented and symposia on various themes revolving around agriculture and its relationship with the climate were organized. For today, participants will receive special training to improve their production. A competition will even be organized to choose the best service provider that will represent Madagascar in the contest that will take place in South Africa.
For the Big Island, the ultimate objective is the application of an agricultural transition that meets the needs of the Malagasy people.