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It was to be expected. The success rate of the three official exams, Cepe, Bepc and Baccalaureate, fell sharply this year. The line ministries offered candidates more difficult exam questions to sort and admit the most deserving. For the Baccalauréat, 33,170 out of the 74,577 candidates registered in the province of Antananarivo obtained their first university degree, a success rate of 44.46%.
A decrease of 5.34% is thus recorded compared to the rate of last year, to 49.80%. Technical education has been the best rate for years. 69.93% of high school students who have chosen this path have just pocketed their Baccalauréat diploma. As for the general education series, the figure has dropped sharply, particularly for the D-series. Indeed, the percentage of success has dropped from 53.86% to 39.59%. For the C series, it shows the number of the lowest admitted with 36.14%. Only 1,210 candidates in this series succeeded in Antananarivo. Next comes the A2 series which is 43.76%, after the A1 with a rate of 45.57%.
Number doubled for “Very Good” 10/20 was the expected average for this year’s deliberation. Yet, only 38% of candidates would be admitted if we consider this deliberative note. Thus the correctors grouped in Ankatso yesterday agreed on the score of 9.75 / 20. For the non-deliberate candidates, that is to say, above the average, the officials observed the increase of their level. The number of admissions with the mention “Very good” increased sharply, an increase estimated at 100%. 54 candidates averaged more than 16/20 compared to 26 last year. Concerning the mention “Bien”, 767 candidates obtained it. And for candidates with “Fairly good”, they count 5879. The names of the admitted will be posted at all examination centers as of this day. The lycées of the Capitale, among others, will open their portals by 8 am at the latest. In addition to the displays, the results can be viewed via sms. For “Bitsik’Ambohitsaina”, the university newspaper, publishing all the names of the admitted, will go on sale this day from 3 pm with the newspaper merchants of the Capital at a price of 2,000 ariary.