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The robbery that occurred on Tuesday afternoon and which hit a drinking place in Amboanjobe (Atsimondrano), had a tragic ending for its 4 perpetrators, 2 of which were shot down by the population and the gendarmes.However, the two bandits who survived Muscular arrests are still on the run. In a statement issued by the Gendarmerie, the search for the fugitives had continued until around 9 pm the same evening without having always resulted in no result. Apart from the deaths of the two malefactors, the shooting that accompanied the will of the civilians and the forces of order to neutralize and capture the assailants had resulted in the wound of the shopkeeper, touched on his belly as well as 2 gendarmes of The Andoharanofotsy Brigade.
It all started with the arrival of the aggressors on motorbikes, which broke into the epi-bar. The tenant was threatened with a gun so he gave all the cash in his counter. The threat did not stop those inside the premises from warning. At the same time, those who managed to escape took the opportunity to call the gendarmes. It was under these circumstances that the bandits opened fire, thus touching the owner of the bar.
Realizing that the villagers surrounded the bar, the assailants tried to retreat. One of them, the one armed, had lingered inside and was trapped there. The protective metal curtain dropped abruptly, giving it no possibility to get out. Worse, the window overlooking the backyard offers no way out, since it is just above a ravine. During this time, the “fokonolona” wanted to arrest his three acolytes who were outside the building. Two of them had managed to escape while the third tried unnecessarily to oppose the villagers and was finally eliminated.
Five minutes after the total confusion, the gendarmes disembarked on the spot. The bandit who remained barricaded in the shop, welcomed them with shots. After 5 minutes of arm wrestling between the first and the gendarmes, the latter ended up touching mortally and were able to access the premises. Finally, members of the security forces rescued the trader, while the two gendarmes, one at the thumb and the other at one leg, were treated.