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Some grumbling, others rebelling. Many of the bus stops within the Antananarivo Urban Community (Cua) have been moved or removed in recent times. This is the case on the Ankorondrano side, in front of a bank’s agency, or on the side of the Petite Vitesse, Tanjombato, Anosy, etc. These changes have been adopted, among others, to improve urban traffic. However, they disturb passengers to the extent that no prior announcement has been made.
“The cancellation of this judgment in Ankorondrano benefits only the bank. In addition to the fatigue caused by a few more minutes of walking, users now have to deal with pickpockets that swarm in this locality, especially late afternoon, “complains Arsène, among the employees who Are used to take the bus in this place. Yesterday, it was found that the passengers were still waiting there for the bus, before being chased by the security agents of the bank. They did not let themselves go and set the tone to oppose it. In the end, taxis-be took the passengers a few meters from the bus stop, which aggravated the traffic congestion on this axis.
Asked about this, a Cua communications officer confessed to having no official information. “No municipal by-law on the movement of this bus stop has been released so far. It may be that studies are under way, and their execution is already under way. In any case, the officials will soon give their versions, “says this source. This situation proves once again the inability of the Municipality to manage a crisis, given the delay or even the lack of reactions of those responsible. Business to follow!