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Yesterday, early morning, a Renault Megane sedan violently stumbled against a parapet on the new ring road, commonly called “Route de la Francophonie” on the dike road. Just to see the state of the sedan after the accident, it is hard to imagine that there would still be a survivor! As a result, the two people who traveled in the vehicle lost their lives while a third struggle against death.
One victim is none other than Berkeley Andriamanarivo, the losing candidate in competition with Maharante John of God, Minister of Public Service, in the recent race to take the lead “Fizafato” this association native of A region in the south-west of the country. He was rushed to the hospital called “Manarapenitra” in Andohatapenaka, and the unfortunate man succumbed to his wounds despite the attempts of the doctors to revive him.
The driver also died in the accident despite the deployment of airbags. He was afflicted with multiple fractures. The bodies of the victims were later transferred to the Hjra morgue. On the other hand, a third person is in critical condition and is still under resuscitation.
“It is to drop the latter at the airport of Ivato for a trip abroad that explains the rush of the driver, who seemed far from limiting its speed,” it was said.
The total destruction of the front part of the Renault testifies to the extreme violence of the shock. The engine block was even moved far inside the cockpit, thus explaining the severity of the injuries, which were going to be fatal to its occupants. Second proof: the needle of the speedometer was blocked at 130km / h during a post-dramatic observation. However, these same sources refute the hypothesis of a positive breath test on the driver.
The drama of yesterday morning, because of its spectacular side, caused an enormous traffic jam on the spot. This situation continued until the early hours of the morning. What is distressing is that it is not the first time that a similar accident occurred on this 3 km long section of a fast road that is the new ring road. No sooner had it been opened to traffic than the event was marked by a fairly spectacular traffic accident in November of the year
At the latest news, the State for reasons ignored, decided to take charge of the repatriation of the body of Berkley in his hometown. A praiseworthy gesture certainly but misunderstood by the citizens.