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The neighborhood of Tsiadana remains still bruised by the robbery aimed at a wholesaler as well as with the shots that shook and bloodied, Monday evening around 18h. It was reported that Jeannot (40), the head of the family, during his lifetime a butcher of the neighborhood, gave up his soul during the night after the ultimate attempts of the Hjra Keep alive. Tucked with a bullet in his neck, the unfortunate man did not survive his terrible wound.
In addition, four other people, all from the same family, would still be in resuscitation, according to a hospital source. One of them, a brother-in-law of the butcher, is in a critical state while his sister-in-law is also among the people wounded in this assault by bandits. As for the wife of the late butcher, she is unharmed. “We stood at the doorstep so wide open to see what had happened when the assailants, dressed in shorts and wearing sandals, had passed us by opening fire in our direction. While I was hurrying to close our butcher shop, someone told me that my husband had been hit. The time I alerted the “fokonolona”, my spouse was spilling out of his blood that escaped him from the nostrils, mouth and ears, “she recounts with emotion.
Just as it happened a few weeks ago in Andraisoro, the assailants who hit Monday night in Tsiadana also wore shorts and sandals. And they operated with open face. For many observers, there is no doubt about the possibility of a single gang.
However, the Forces de l’ordre always seem to have no information about this band in order to neutralize it or even annihilate it once and for all.