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In anxiety. The passengers of a taxi-be of line 147D were taken hostage for about an hour yesterday at 9am. In fact, an armed man broke into the public transport vehicle, in Avaradoha, to flee the police officers following him. By pointing the driver and passengers, he asked that the bus change direction on the side of Ceg Nanisana.
“We were about twenty people on the bus. The armed man immediately seated himself in the first row, to better control the driver. The latter had no choice but to submit, just like the passengers in total panic. A woman, accompanied by her child, could not restrain her tears because of fear, which further enraged the thief, “says Sandrine, one of the bus passengers. “Traumatized, we did not see a police vehicle following us. Fortunately, the change of direction led us to a dead end, which facilitated the arrest of the armed man. The police immediately cornered him and took him with them, to the relief of the passengers, “adds our interlocutor. After more than an hour of fright, they were able to return home safely.
This fact confirms once again the growing insecurity in the city, even in public transport vehicles. After the robbers, then, the thieves, after their operations, take refuge in the “taxis-be” to the point of taking the passengers hostage. The law enforcement authorities should seriously determine a solution to this situation, which could end in beatings and even death.