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Three weeks after the tragic accident in the night of July 31 last year at 20km from Ankazobe, the survivors complain about the irresponsibility of the State. The President of the Republic, he recalled, promised to take charge of all the medical expenses and the necessary care for the wounded, but to no avail. Until now, they pay for all their own expenses. Besides the survivors of Ankazobe, those of Anjozorobe and Antsakabary are also left to themselves, because of the broken promises.
A dozen survivors still in critical condition. Among the survivors of the murderous accident in Ankazobe is Narovana, a 7-month-old baby who got away with a cranial fracture. “We had 2 scanners since the accident, but only the first one was taken care of by the state. For the second, the manager made it clear that the establishment can not be sure. Moreover, it does not have the apparatus related to it. Thus, it was necessary to disburse in the Ariary 280 000 just for the scanner, not to mention the other expenses for drugs, “testifies the mother of the small victim. In addition to drug treatment, this youngest survivor must regularly check the Hjra every two weeks. He can not undergo any surgery at the risk of succumbing.
For his part, Niriantsoa and his son Tsinjo are still being treated at home in Soavinandriana. The mother is with a dislocated arm and a fracture of the collarbone while the son is not yet restored with a broken leg. “I gave a lot of money to buy drugs and pay for the radios and other tests done at the hospital. No longer receiving state aid, I pay the expenses with the envelopes received – during family visits, friends, relatives or people of good will, “says this mother of family. Of the 17 victims of the accident in her family, she was the only one to have received 300,000 Ar at the end of her hospitalization at the beginning of August. “The officials have asked us to cumulate the invoices and then to reimburse them, but no favorable response so far,” she adds.
The survivors of Ankazobe, the majority of whom live in Soavinandriana, are not the only ones who are disappointed by the leaders’ broken promises. Those of Anjozorobe also endure the same negligence, even the abandonment of the State. They have been promised medical and social care, especially for children who have become orphans. However, they have not benefited for months, especially after their release from the hospital. For its part, the population of Antsakabary remains in a state of permanent distress, 6 months after the arson attack perpetrated by some forty police officers. The donation of government materials remains stuck on the Sofia bridge, at least until last week. Their routing is nevertheless essential for the population to recover, starting with the reconstruction of their homes. Again, the bad faith of the state is pointed at. In all cases, leaders should revise their priorities and above all keep their promises so that the victims can move forward.