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An alarming and shocking situation occurred Saturday at around 9pm in the Rural Commune of Ankondromena, Miandrivazo District. According to a report by the Gendarmerie, a group of individuals, estimated at more than ten, set fire to a dozen houses located in the heart of this locality. As soon as their crime was consummated, these strangers then fled without taking anything away because they were totally uninterested in the furniture and the cattle, all left intact.
For the moment, the motive of these acts of vandalism remains not evaded. But proof that things are not to be taken lightly, gendarmes specially dispatched from Morafenobe arrived to the place to strengthen the ranks of their colleagues based in Ankondromena. While investigations by the Force are ongoing, the assessment of the losses related to these fires is ongoing. The investigation is continuing.
Miandrivazo is one of the Regions currently falling under the “dahalo” in the country. The alarming facts that had taken place on the ground and which had resulted in loss of life throughout last week speak for themselves. While the local civilian population or elsewhere is left to their own fate, the Armed Forces are satisfied with this military maneuver which seems to be destined simply to snap the “dahalo”