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The blood sank again yesterday around 3am in the north of Camp Robin on the Rn7. 80 assailants, equipped with disparate weapons, attacked a convoy of more than ten bush taxis on their way to Fianarantsoa. A passenger was seriously touched by a machete. The bandits then deprived him of a sum of 5 milllions of ariary.
According to the passengers, the assailants fought on the car at the head of the procession, braving the presence and the entry into action of the gendarmes of the escort. The bandits waited until the convoy stopped and the drivers dismounted to see the cause of this sudden stop. That’s how they started using their weapons. But tired of being cowardly, the gendarmes retaliated and used their grenades to repel the road cutters. “The attackers, very numerous, did not have to retreat until after the gendarmes had loaded them with grenades! “Says one of the drivers of the convoy. The exchanges of fire lasted more than half an hour, testifying the determination of the thieves as well as the amount of ammunition in their hands. Above all, they openly denounce the forces of order. Proof, the proximity of the Camp Robin de la Gendarmerie which seems to fall into total torpor, does not seem to prevent them from being rampant. More seriously, a change marks the mode of operation of the assailants by operating more and more in large numbers. An accident linked to this attack caused 4 more victims. This is due to the attempt of a vehicle of the procession to escape the trap. The driver of the minibus of the Fimpima cooperative gave a steering wheel, the vehicle having left its path before falling into a ditch that is below the roadway.