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Madagascar News Forums Crazy World Claudine Razaimamonjy is imprisoned in Manjakandriana prison

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    The Chamber of Detention rejected the request for provisional release filed two weeks ago by the lawyers of the patron of the hotel “A & C”.

    It has now been 55 days since the Special Advisor of the President of the Republic, Claudine Razaimamonjy is imprisoned in Manjakandriana prison. At the pace of things, this lady considered as the baroness of the party “Hery Vaovao ho an’i Madagasikara” (HVM) is still far from regaining freedom. Provisional freedom is virtually impossible. The Chamber of Detention rejected an umpteenth application for interim release filed two weeks ago by its lawyers. The risk of a leak may justify this rejection. The owner of the “A & C” hotel was able to leave the Great Island on April 10 for a medical evacuation in Mauritius. An evacuation considered by the Union of Magistrates of Madagascar (SMM) as an “organised escape”. Moreover, this outing in catimini organised with the complicity of many senior state officials, is now the subject of a survey with the Bianco in Ambohibao. The rejection of the LP application is also a way for justice officials to prevent the Special Adviser to the Presidency from meeting with witnesses and other individuals involved in the case. It should be recalled that the case of Claudine Razaimamonjy is not yet at the stage of the investigation on the merits. It should also be noted that it is also suspected of being involved in four other cases of embezzlement of exceptional subsidies intended for rural communes. Indeed, the handling of these files is currently underway at the level of the Independent Anti-Corruption Bureau (Bianco) and the Anti-Corruption Criminal Channel (CPAC).

    Intervention. Claudine Razaimamonjy, who is regarded by many observers as the most famous detainee of the Fourth Republic, is likely to remain in prison for a long time. His case is particularly closely followed by the members of the Magistrates’ Union of Madagascar who persist and sign in their struggle for an independent Justice and free from any interference and interference of political powers. The Baroness of the ruling party has been accused of embezzling public funds and the international community is also pressuring the Malagasy authorities for the sake of respect for good governance and the rule of law. Moreover, known as being very close to the presidential couple, Claudine Razaimamonjy seems to have been dropped by Hery and Voahangy Rajaonarimampianina. The Head of State also hammered it during his interview on “TV5 World”. If the Justice refuses to grant provisional freedom to the patroness of the hotel “A & C”, this was not the case for the Director in charge of exceptional grants at the level of the Ministry of Interior. He was placed under arrest warrant at Antanimora Prison on 24 July and was given a SV only four days after his detention on remand. According to a well-informed source, Claudine Razaimamonjy and her co-defendants are still awaiting the Anti-Corruption Criminal Channel in order to be heard on other cases of corruption and embezzlement of public funds.


    When the greed of the transporters in common and the credulity of the passengers cross, a long string of macabre victims results. The drama of Anjozorobe is still remembered with its 47 dead, now Ankazobe gives us an equally tragic accident in addition to the corpses mixed with scrap metal reduced to ashes. When the owners of the vehicles think that the mechanical lady’s failures are self-healing, as in humans, we trust the Zanahary to arrive safely, the “Arovy amin’ny diako aho tompo!” Posted on The dashboard can not do everything; When the parishioners with their ritual recitation before a long journey hopes that everything will go well with the miraculous multiplication of the seats, Saint Christophe (the protector of travel!) Will only notice the damage. Finally, when everyone agrees to take advantage of the billboards on the windshield (kind of dorkasy of …; study trip of the establishment …; EKAR of …) like cut-line or passe-droit … To whom blame ? Especially not to the police who look away from their passage. The road kills but who are the gravediggers if not, ourselves?

    In the obituary section, two major clerks of the state have gone. First Mamy Rakotoarivelo who was buried on Monday at Talata Volonondry, with all the honors due to his rank, then Tsiandopy Jacky who was found dead murdered at his home. And as every time such events occur, l One begins to wonder whether these are crimes or political contracts. And there, everyone goes from his political analysis, from the readers of headlines of newspapers on the street to the attendees of salons crested.

    In the world, and in France, the law on the moralization of politics follows its path. For example, there is no longer any question of having the relatives of a deputy or a high personality of the State work at the expense of the princess. Where does the world go if a parent, a cousin no longer serves to get settled?

    Finally, not to dying beast know that Paul Kagamé passes presidential election won in advance in Rwanda while Madura makes swallow its constituent in Venezuela and both have their routes already all traced.


    Traditionally, the Malagasy practice circumcision in winter. In use, the period of winter from July to August is considered the most favourable, as the cold would reach its peak intensity during this period. The methods and practices of circumcision chosen – the surgical operation in itself, like all the decorum that accompanies it – vary according to the choice of the families. They oscillate between traditional and modern methods.

    Consisting of a real source of anguish and apprehension for the parents, especially for the mother of the little boy, circumcision is nonetheless a moment of joy, joy and family pride. For the principal concerned, circumcision is neither more nor less than a painful surgical operation, but the trauma is attenuated by the multitude, relative toys, received and the attention of the whole family! On the socio-cultural level, circumcision has a very important significance. For the little boy, it constitutes a rite of passage that definitively marks his belonging to the male sex. It thus becomes a true “lahy”, for its strength and its resistance have already been experienced by pain. In many African and Semitic cultures, circumcision is the painful and initiating test that man (in the sense of male) has to go through to merit his status as a “man” and of all the duties and responsibilities that This presupposes in his future life as head of the family and wishes him prosperity and dexterity in the roles he will occupy in society.

    Tradition and / or modernity?

    Like the appellation of circumcision which varies from one region of Madagascar to another, the decorum of circumcision also varies, but nevertheless has some common features. Indeed, whether it be called “didim-poitra”, “fora zaza”, “famorana”, “hasoavana” or “sambatse”, etc .; The aim and the various customs enamelling circumcision remain substantially the same from the traditional point of view. For cosmogonic reasons, circumcisions are made only in the period of the rising moon, so that the destiny, the “vintana” of the little boy is ascending and positive like this rising moon. The full moon is also proscribed, haemorrhage. On the eve of circumcision properly so called, the family and the relatives make the “lalonana”, the festival, with dances, songs and alcohol, especially of the “toaka gasy” in profusion. The young child who has no doubt, more or less, will be circumcised at dawn by a traditional chief, generally called “rain-jaza”. A young man, vigorous and not orphaned, will be in charge of recovering the “rano mahery” at the source, a “loharano”, from the village or the city, it is according to. This water, considered sacred, will be used to clean the materials and the wound left by the operation. According to the regions, it will be the grandfather or maternal uncle, the “zaman-jaza” who will be charged to swallow the foreskin, with a banana as an accompaniment. A banana that, like sugar cane, symbolises virility, perenniality and to wish a prosperous long life to the newly circumcised young boy. Which will be greeted in the jubilation at his home, before receiving toys and having a well deserved rest. Of course, this traditional method is secular, but it nevertheless has its limits. In particular, from the medical point of view, where many small victims have been deplored as a result of infections that have become complicated due to the lack of precautions and adequate care.

    Given these risks, many parents opt for so-called modern methods: circumcision in the US, circumcision in some medical centers consisting in inhaling a slightly anesthetic gas that the little boy inhales after which he is circumcised without Feeling pain, and in principle there would be no bleeding and less “postoperative pain”. For or against? Opinions diverge, but what is certain is that the choice rests with the parents only. Some people base their traditions on convictions, but also for financial reasons, because the operation in specialized centers, or even recognized ones, costs between 100,000 Ar and 200,000 Ar, not to mention the other logistical expenses for the festivities. According to their means and convictions, some parents opt for American-style circumcision, but including respect for decorum. Others choose literally the traditional methods, while others still opt for circumcision to American style and a beautiful gift, without the party, for lack of means. Indeed, a circumcision made “according to the rules of the art”, surgery, party and toys included, is expensive, as Tsiky, a young mother of family who says “to have spent 600 000 Ar, His three-year-old son should be celebrated as he should. “


    The conflict between the Magistrates’ Union of Madagascar (SMM) and the Executive is far from over. The SMM does not give up. The most recent event, the unexpected visit of the President of the SMM Fanirisoa Ernaivo to the detention center in Manjakandriana to check the presence of the inmate, protected by the Executive, Claudine Razaimamonjy. The billionaire is still present welcomes the SMM. However, the union threatened that he might face an unlimited strike and without minimum service because the Executive seemed to turn a deaf ear. “The independence of the judiciary as well as the establishment of a real rule of law is the main objective of the SMM according to its leader and for the moment it is not the case. Judicial decisions are hardly enforced without the Executive and the Supreme Judiciary being heard. The Independent National Commission for Human Rights (CNIDH) appealed to the government over the case of Rado Rabarilala and the national airline Air Madagascar, without success. In any case, the MMS is not convinced of the Government’s determination to resolve the problems of the independence of justice and respect for the rule of law. The MMS noted that the more than a week’s work of the Special Tripartite Committee, comprising representatives of the MMS, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Justice, had not solved anything and that there was nothing to concrete. The SMM spokesperson gave the impression that the work of the Special Commission was being done only to save time. The Prime Minister, for his part, speaks of the commitments of the entities involved and no longer of claims or problems.

    The Head of State in his weekly video “Fotoambita” on the Youtube channel has already responded to the SMM by stating that he himself has never given any order to put pressure on a case of justice. He also enumerated the texts that confer the title of the Supreme Judiciary and the Presidency of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary (CSM) but that he never abused or even sat. The SMM replied that it was not asked to know by heart the texts and laws on the issue but to ensure that its collaborators, notably the Executive, did not put pressure on the magistrates. The press conference in the middle of the night by the Minister of Justice in the case of Claudine Razaimamonjy is one of the concrete examples in this direction but despite all this it is still in place. Taxpayers who are justiciable know that if they are victims or defendants, they will pass (almost all) to the pan when they are dealing with the court.


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