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Madagascar News Forums Food for thought decentralization in Madagascar

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    Thoughts of the evening:
    Let’s talk about decentralization in Madagascar.
    True decentralization requires unfailing commitment and will from the state:
    We’ll have to start changing the way we look at things. Madagascar is a country inhabited by Malagasy, a way of speaking, expressing itself and reacting. It will be with Malagasy values, the foundation of culture that Madagascar will develop.
    Being composed of rural people, it will be necessary to act so that this mass of living and carrying arms is an essential engine of development.
    Decentralization is being prepared; no it is not improvised because coastal regions feel wronged and terribly shocked. So it will have to be successful without rushing. In 2021, we can’t afford to have a large enough budget for a landlocked town not equipped with this computerised equipment that would allow the central state to check its accounts files on a day-to-day basis. They are not even electrified.
    For real decentralization, a preparation school will need to be mayor of an urban commune on the one hand and mayor of a rural commune on the other. The mayor of a rural commune like Madagascar is the real pivot of growth and we tend to minimize this responsibility. So a mayor in Madagascar should not be elected but appointed given Malagasy realities. Mayor should be a public servant and will have done at least two years of study preparation before being parachuted in any place without distinction of origin please. So he must be a public servant. For real decentralization, so we’ll have to start depoliticising the post of Mayor.
    Is the central state able to check the amount of communal taxes each municipality collect? NO! NO! There is boundless corruption as soon as we find ourselves safe from sight and this is not the time to add.
    The development path of Madagascar comes first and foremost through decentralization, but above all to put it in the place that it takes the right person starting with the President of the Republic and everything else obviously.
    Numbers have no soul but the Malagasy people, yes she does and that’s her identity. A people balanced in their natural environment will be able to develop a familiar place more easily, but they will need minimal instruction to help them find ideas, strengthen their own way and not copy countries that possess totally different cultures.
    We want to see Miami, we will go to Florida to USA.
    Madagascar will succeed in its development by creating solid with at the bottom the Madagascar thought, its own wisdom, its reaction speed and its reasoning.

    solar lights for Katsepi residents

    Katsepi residents have been without electricity for the past four years after the closure of the local private companies.

    The President Andry Rajoelina gave a special order to the Jirama company to set up ′′ electrogen groups ′′ in Katsepy so that the people can use electricity. Earlier, however, the President distributed solar lights to households in Katsepi to enable them to enjoy the light.


    roads in the center of Namakia are complete

    More than 40 years no president has visited Namakia. Now we are moving forward together to work for development.

    This is the proof that the roads in the center of Namakia are complete. The establishment of the standard EPP, standard CEG and standard CSBII for the municipality Matsakabanja is also in progress.


    President Andry Rajoelina finished his trip in Boeny region

    President Andry Rajoelina finished his trip in Boeny region with the inauguration of the Centre for Communication and Culture called ′′ Akory Haly ′′ which is meant to support and value the culture.

    A large structure consisting of a 550-seat theatre, named ′′ Oadraha “. In addition, it includes a gallery, library, production room.

    This House of Communication and Culture in Boeny also received a newspaper, a computer room and a training room and a training room and also received a loudspeaker and an instrument from the President.

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