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    Apart from the tenors of major political parties in the Great Island, some political figures are also expected for the race to the supreme magistracy of 2018. It remains to be seen whether new programs can make their appearances.

    Many Madagascar political figures have already declared their wish to be candidates in the 2018 presidential elections. Former President Marc Ravalomanana was the first one, a few days after his return to the country, arguing that the country could not wait until 2018. An Did not surprise anyone that the very day after his departure in exile after surrendering power, Marc Ravalomanana showed a willingness to take over the leadership of the state. The candidacy of Lalao Ravalomanana to the magistracy of the Capital ensued. Former transitional Prime Minister Omer Beriziky has also expressed his presence in the next presidential elections, he will represent the UNDD parties and the MAMIMAD association. A grouping that brings together political personalities such as the former Minister of Justice Imbiky Anaclet.

    The candidacy of the current President of the Republic was also formalised by the ruling Hery Vaovao ho an’i Madagasikara (HVM) party. Some opposition parties, including the Malagasy Miara-Miainga (MMM) of Hajo Andrianainarivelo and the Freedom Party of Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy, stressed that the opposition should present a single candidate. An event not ruled out by the Miaraka amin’i Prezida Andry Rajoelina (MAPAR) party, which has not progressed. Finally, the party Antoka sy Dinan’ny Nosy (DNA) of the former President of the Special Delegation of Antananarivo Edgard Razafindravahy is also already in conquest with many regions of the island. The last to announce his candidacy was Pastor Mailhol of the Apokalypsy Church. For him, his candidacy would be the fruit of a prophecy that has already made the tour of Madagascar.

    New Names

    Apart from these, some names have begun to circulate and persist on this subject. Especially that of the former Prime Minister under the Ratsiraka regime from 1998 to 2002 in the person of Tantely Andrianarivo who just arrived from the country. Moreover, the party of the Admiral Didier Ratsiraka found himself in evil of candidate in the municipal elections. On the other hand, another champion of the red party in his time, in the person of José Andrianoelison whose name had already been mentioned and to succeed Prime Minister Jean Ravelonarivo for this regime could also surprise. In addition, the name of the former Director General of the Treasury Orlando Robimanana also circulates in the political sphere. He would still be travelling abroad as an expert for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Despite which, according to observers, he would have a chance to run for a presidential term. Some parties that still weighed in the first round in October of 2013 are also expected. Many of them have joined coalitions opposed to the Rajaonarimampianina regime such as the Armada or the platform “Mitsangana ry Malagasy” which have been silent for some time.

    Programs ?

    The number of candidates will therefore not be a problem with the presidential elections in 2018. The Malagasy will have a wide choice. Rather, the question is what programs candidates will and must present to the electorate. Although the Malagasy have a tendency to vote more for a person than for a program, this criterion should be the first concern and candidates and voters. Especially for the next term if we hope to get the country out of the political and economic slump in which it has been plunged for years already. Apart from the DNA party that advocates the establishment of federalism in Madagascar, the other programs proposed by the former leaders were not really understood by the population. This is the case, for example, with the National Development Plan (NDP) of the Rajaonarimampianina regime. Moreover, in 75% of the cases, candidates draw up their programs only when they have reached the head of the State, and do not submit any project of society during the electoral campaigns. They simply chant the fight against poverty and development in Madagascar. It is important this time to properly identify the program of one candidate or another, and vote accordingly. Because voters must demand it as much as the candidates must propose and develop one.


    After the tragedy of Ankazobe last week, it was necessary to react well and that is what the service of the Center of the technical visits did. Following Colonel Rahedson Gelin’s statement at the Alarobia Technical Visit Center that the two-storey coach or the Boeing accident at Ankazobe had not been checked since 29 October 2014, disciplinary measures had been taken. As a result, 33 employees of the Alarobia Technical Visit Center were posted elsewhere. And the population knows that mutations are forms of disciplinary punishment in the Malagasy administration. According to the explanations, it would be a matter of a consolidation operation and fight against corruption. Because in the case of the Boeing accident at Ankazobe and which caused the death of some thirty people without counting the hundred wounded, it is clear that corruption is present in the Center. One wonders how a vehicle that is supposed to be checked every six months has been able to drive for more than two years without being in good standing. On the other hand, it would also have been a matter of allowing technical agents to switch so that they would not become familiar with the owners of vehicles to be checked. At the same time, employees were always thanked within the technical visit centre and this time for flagrante delicto of corruption. Here the question arises whether or not proceedings will be brought before the courts. For it is easy to imagine the fact that this Boeing was not in the exception but well in the rule within the public transport in the country. In the sense that many other vehicles are travelling in the Great Island without being in order and representing a danger for road users.


    It seems that Air Madagascar is trying to disgust and discourage its own customers, like the Jirama for that matter. Although the national airline Air Madagascar was not always healthy, its state has become dramatic in recent times. Headache, fatigue and maximum stress guaranteed for company passengers in recent times due to delays and cancellations of repeated flights. Especially when you are abroad and you have to come back to the country as quickly as possible for a thousand reasons.

    The delays and cancellations of flights last week are surely included in the long list of delays and cancellations to which the company has accustomed its passengers. Except that many of these passengers swear they will not take over this company, yet national. Example among many others of the galley of the passengers of the national company: takeoff expected at midnight on the night of 31 August to 1 September from Marseille to reach Antananarivo.

    Information from the company of the delay of this flight at 6:30 am of September 1st. Except that some passengers had already set their own programs and already made arrangements to arrive at the airport for take-off at midnight. They waited all night so to leave at 6:30 in the morning. But during the night, the notice board announces the cancellation of the flight to Antananarivo. Among the dozens of flights announced today, that of Air Madagascar is the only one canceled! No other information and personnel of Air Madagascar in view to give information. Obviously, no one at the end of the line. The passengers, cold and sleeping on the ground, spend the night in the airport lobby and wonder what they should do in the morning.

    Finally, an Air France agent arrives and spends hours on the phone to solve the problems of Air Madagascar passengers. For three hours, standing, the passengers clustered around the Air France agent to be sure to land a plane seat somewhere. Fortunately the passengers of Marseille are not very numerous, about thirty. However, conflicts started when the officer announced that there would always be priorities, families with children and those who were not very healthy first. The passengers were on the various flights from Air France to Paris first, then to La Réunion or Mauritius then before joining the Grande Ile, others were able to make Paris-Tana directly. Obviously, the expenses incurred by the delay are the responsibility of the passengers who have only one idea in mind, to return to their port.

    However, despite the presence of competition on the Tana-Paris service, most of these passengers, notably the nationals, have booked on Air Madagascar, saying that they must support the national airline. But in the end, many have changed their minds and swear they will not be taken back.


    The affair made a great noise. Tsimiondra Tomasy, a former member of the CST and close to Monja Roindefo with some thinkers from Androy, did not hesitate to nominate the son of the head of state as among those who fired on the farmers and caused the disappearance Of one of their own in Anjozorobe on February 21st during a conflict involving a crystal exploitation. They claim justice and the head of the son of this high-ranking leader.

    Note that this controversy follows a land dispute over a mining operation opposing close to the Head of State and mining operators originating from Androy. The disagreement has lasted for several months, each camp has official documents attesting its right on the same ground. Finally, the son of this high-ranking leader, weary of the disputes and assisted by elements of the forces of the order made a descent on the spot and would have pulled on the exploiting miners who fled. One of these operators is reported missing and his relatives suspect the police of the president’s son of having buried the body because he was wounded during the shooting. The mining operations would have filed a complaint and called for accountability.

    Kolo Roger, on his part, freshly elected provincial senator of Toliary tries to temper by stating that it is necessary to dialogue and not to provoke other dramas.

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